Wealth Protection

Veteran Benefits, Medicaid, and Asset Protection Planning

At AFS, we believe that taking the right precautions and planning now can help reap larger benefits in the long run for you and your loved ones. Just as our health needs change as we age, so do our legal and financial needs.  You need a team to protect you, your family and your wishes.  A smart Wealth Protection Team of knowledgeable advisors and professionals works in your best interests towards the accomplishment of your mission, vision, values and goals.

Your team will work personally with you and your family to review your unique situation and determine the best course of action to access certain benefits while protecting your hard earned wealth. During our meeting, you will be introduced to our six step process that begins with preparing a written wealth protection plan with careful consideration of your personal objectives that will have value when the analysis is implemented.

Whether you are looking to reevaluate your current goals, or begin new ones, AFS offers customized, Veteran Benefits, Medicaid, and Asset Protection Planning that may include recommendations for:

  • Family legacy and estate planning
  • Wealth protection and risk management
  • Retirement income distribution planning
  • Investment and accumulation planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Business succession and key person planning
  • Charitable trust planning
  • Referral network for accounting, legal, and mortgage services

Veteran Benefits

We believe that those who served their country should receive all the benefits the government has provided them.  Millions of wartime Veterans and their spouses may be eligible for improved pension benefits solely because they are over 65, need in-home health care, are in assisted/supportive living, or are in a skilled nursing facility.  Utilizing your Wealth Protection Team, which includes a Veteran Administration accredited elder law attorney, we can help you discover if you are eligible for this tax-free benefit and how best to file your claim.

Medicaid Planning

If you are over 65 or are disabled, you may qualify for payment of medical expenses and the cost of long term care under Medicaid.  However, without Medicaid Planning couples may end up losing up to 90% of their assets when one spouse enters a nursing home.  With proper planning, your Wealth Protection Team can help you protect your assets from being completely spent down on a nursing home and help you avoid estate recovery against your assets after you pass.  The bottom line is that you don’t have to go broke in a nursing home.  The law allows people to keep their homes and much of their money if they know how, but it is critical to have the assistance of your Wealth Protection Team to be able to do so.

Asset Protection

We are committed to educating our clients and their families on the benefits of preserving assets while lessening the burdens and fears of the process.  Your Wealth Protection Team will show you the proper tools, techniques and strategies available to take advantage of the help the law offers and avoid the pitfalls that may leave you penniless.  Throughout the process our philosophy is that “quality of life” and “quality of care” are the most important aspects of your Wealth Protection journey and are the best reason to do asset protection.  Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind and contact us today to begin your Wealth Protection Plan.

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